Real Estate and Architecture

Real Estate and Architecture: How to Make Both Work Out

When it comes to negotiating a property, you need to understand all the characteristics that make it up, be it aesthetic, structural, or functional. After all, the interested person may decide to buy because of one or more of these characteristics. It is this set of important items that make up architecture, an area directly related to the real estate market.

Some buyers research their properties prioritizing architecture. Therefore, those who work in the real estate market should understand a little about the influences that form architecture and some of its main characteristics to be able to negotiate and assist when selling a property.

With that in mind, we decided to publish this article by getting a general overview of the topic. Shall we understand more about this subject?

Before delving into the subject matter, let\’s check out the role each profession plays in the real estate market.

The Key Role of an Architect

The architect is a creator, a designer. He is considered an artist with technical skills, allowing him to achieve an original work but which is intended to be realized. So, he needs to master the technical construction standards that he will take into account. These standards relate to the ground that the building will be established, to the management of the space, to the internal and external aesthetics of the building, to the ventilation, insulation, and energy-saving systems, etc.

This justifies that he must follow a training course for several years after BSc to master all the technical and scientific parameters relating to geology, physics, geography, etc.

His talents in innovation and creativity will set him apart from his colleagues. Unlike the real estate agent, the architect can sign public works contracts, and his works are protected by intellectual property law.

The Key Role of a Real Estate Agent

As for the real estate agent, he comes downstream when the work has already been completed to take care of its marketing.

Indeed, he is a commercial intermediary who has a representative role in the sale or rental of a building. He highlights the qualities and assets of the building already realized by the architect so that potential customers are more interested.

If the work carried out by the architect is for residential purposes, the intervention of a real estate agent is inappropriate.

His commercial talents will allow him to carry out negotiations in the name and on behalf of his client to conclude the contract of sale or lease.

The most experienced ones have a network that gives them access to the mappings of all real estate transactions, informs them of urbanization projects, and other useful information. This will allow them to make this expertise available to the client.

Advantages of Having Experience in Architecture

When an agent has an architectural background, he is well-positioned to win clients who want property for renovation purposes. Concerning inspection and evaluation of the property, architects are qualified to give valuable opinions to buyers on everything from the beginning to the end. With knowledge of aesthetics, they are competent to educate clients on renovation proposals. Experience in Sustainable processes such as power-saving, nature friendly, and waste separation materials is an added advantage since a lot of buyers have an interest in it.

Since trained architects are vastly knowledgeable in construction strategies, this gives them the privilege to handle the documentation of any transaction. A real estate professional without this knowledge may have to consult an architect and this will delay the progress of the transaction. In a hot market where time is of the essence, these architect benefits can make a huge difference for some clients.

How to Take the Next Step?

Combining both pieces of knowledge of architecture and real estate can be stressful and time-consuming, the payoff is greatly tremendous. With experience in both fields, you are a valuable asset to your client. And this enables you to execute unique and outstanding projects for your clients thereby, putting more money into your wallet. Thus, this is a win-win situation for you and your clients.

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