Hiring a Contractor

7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re making a few changes or constructing a new building, important decisions need to be made, decisions that might be foggy. At that moment, hiring a cowboy or a con artist is the last thing you need. Finding the right contractor for your job or construction of your building, quality, the emotion involved, timeliness of work, and finances highly depend on the type of contractor you hire. And the first place to find these people is through the internet or by simply asking neighbours. Here are seven essential questions you should ask a contractor before hiring them.

Top seven questions to ask

1. Would You Itemise Your Bid?

Many contractors always slam you with a single, bottom-line price- don’t let that happen; talking from experience because this doesn’t shine the light on what job you’re paying for. With an itemized list- it will show the fees of each item which you can use to compare with other contracting firms- that’s an advantage. Knowing the charges for demolition and hauling, Framing and finishing carpentry, plumbing, and so many others will cost your project and help you figure out your options. If the contractor resists making a list, then it\’s a red flag neighbour.

2. How Long Have You Been Active In Business In This Town?

Your best option for a contractor should be the one that has been in your locale business network giving him/her a web of subcontractors and suppliers. With a work experience of 5 to 10 years is a bonus. You don’t need a contractor who’s new in business or travelling 50 miles to get to you. The business card should be a nearby address and the duration of his/her warranty.

3. Do You Have a List of References?

So important, it needs treatment because- this matter is overlooked by some homeowners, particularly new investors. Ask them beforehand if they are working on any project at the moment and, if possible, visit the sites. Check up on them unprecedentedly and see how the crew is performing- if possible, stare from afar at first before coming close.

This will give you time to inspect the site and monitor which workers are punctual, who takes lunch breaks longer than allocated, and what time they stop working.

4. Will You Be Seeking the Services of Subcontractors on This Project?

Most contractors will have almost any work you’re looking for, ranging from who hangs windows to the kitchen cabinets, which is not a good idea. Homes happen to be very intricately designed structures that need a hand full of different brains, and an experienced builder anticipates a problem. Seeing what they do is better than just hearing what they do is a better idea.

5. Do You Anticipate Any Challenges Regarding This Project?

The advantage of hiring an experienced contractor is the anticipation of these challenges. If your contract can\’t determine some flaws before time, then the dream house might be shattered. Also, get details from your contractor and be sure your contractor is up-front. With this anticipation, he can make alternative solutions beforehand. This will assist you in finding alternatives or make adjustments to the budget.

6. Do You Know What Building Permissions (Planning Permissions or Building Regulations) I Will Need for This Project?

This is a crucial question to ask if you want to avoid being summoned by the council. Getting a permit will let you to know if the designs you made are necessary or outrageous. An excellent contractor should be able to point you in the right direction to obtain the necessary permission and documentation. Make sure you inquire if the contractor will charge extra for this service. This will test their knowledge and expertise.

7. How Do You Tidy Up Your Job Site?

I advise you not to ask your contractor – do you clean your work site daily? Instead, ask – what do you do at the end of every job? Because I have been tricked by such answers and still work at my site, and everything is in jumbo. It is a problem for the environment and neighbours. And after a call or two, you find out they\’re blaming each other.

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