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Seven Questions Property Developers Should Ask Their Architects

Every property developer must understand the process of hiring an architect that is perfect for their budget, timeline and project design. Here are few of the main questions you should ask us or any other Architect:

Top 7 questions to ask an Architect: 

1. Do You Have References?

This is an important question to ask an architect before he is hired. It is not sufficient to engage an architect because you love his designs. It would be best if you asked your architect about his past clients and contractors he had worked with and then check out the references given. Please find out how he conducts his professional relationships. From the onset, you must make sure you are working with a reputable company to prevent unforeseen situations that may transpire during the project

2. How Can I Be Involved in The Process?

If you are not sure to what extent and how you can be involved with your architectural company in the project, you need to ask your architect. When developers have a thorough understanding of the timelines and workflow, they can send certain updates and documents to be reviewed at a certain timeline to help the architect achieve the desired results.

3. Do You Remain Involved During the Construction Process?

You need to find out if and to what extent your architect will be involved during the project. Your architect will have different levels of participation during the construction process, depending on your needs. In some cases, project designs are handed over to the developer at completion with no further engagement. In contrast, some projects need the architect\’s supervision to perfect the construction process to achieve the desired results.

4. What Is the Scheduled Timeline for My Project?

It is important to set achievable timelines for design and construction projects to have an uninterrupted construction process. Ask your architect when he is ready to commence on your project and how long it will take to complete it

5. How Do You Charge? What Is and Is Not Included in Your Fees?

Though fees are not the most important factor to be considered when choosing an architect, architectural service fees can sometimes be difficult to understand. It is therefore important that developers comprehend the architect\’s fee structure before they sign building contracts. Architects often use four methods to estimate their service fees, including time spent, specified amount, percentage of the project’s cost, and based on the project’s square footage.

Since different architectural companies offer various service levels, it is therefore important to know what is included and not included in your contract. For instance, service levels may include builders sets, design/build, and full service, whereby each has its advantages and disadvantages. Making the right choice involves looking at your budget, the project’s scope, and the level of involvement.

6. What Skillset Do You Have Working in My Area?

Since different cities and counties have different design guidelines, the time needed to obtain a development permit also offers. Some cities and counties have strict design guidelines, and a design assessment committee must endorse new projects before construction can begin. Ask your architect if he has experience working in the area.

7. How Can We Reduce the Environmental Impact?

Nowadays, architectural companies are willing to work with you to design environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. It is most likely that such companies will integrate low-cost sustainable design into your project. If you are enthusiastic about environmentally friendly designs, ask your architect about the type of design he has experience with and what might be the advantages and disadvantages if you choose to embark on such a project. So, these are the important questions to ask an Architect.

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