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Project Management & Contract Administration

We offer a range of services in project management and contract administration for both residential and commercial projects. Our team of experienced professionals can oversee the construction process to ensure that the final building meets both what has been approved by the local authority and was agreed on by both the client and the main contractor.

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1 | Extensive experience in securing planning permission for a range of projects.
2 | Expertise in identifying key issues and developing strategies to address them.
3 | Comprehensive planning services including, feasibility, preparation applications.
4 | Support with planning appeal processes, representation at planning committee meetings.
5 | Strong relationships with local authorities in the North West. 
6 | Commitment to delivering excellence and support at every stage of the process.

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The aim of this service is to ensure that the final building meets both what has been approved by the local authority and was agreed on in the construction contract by both the client and the main contractor. This helps avoids dispute between the two parties any records variations. It also ensuring that the project is constructed smoothly. 

Our services in project management and contract administration deal with the coordination necessary to manage the complex process of transforming a brief and design into a building. This includes leading the project team, monitoring the progress and quality of the whole design and construction team against the issues of budget, scheduling and quality control. We administer the building contract through the procurement, construction, handover and conclusion of the construction process.

We work on all project scales across all sectors, offering full architectural services from design completion for private residential, commercial and exclusive clients. Contact us today to get started. 

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Why should you instruct us to carry this task for you?

We typically offer architectural project management on schemes we’ve designed where we represent our clients to oversee the construction contract as agreed between the client and the contractor is being adhered to. This is typically done on a weekly meetings and site visit, followed by minutes, updated programme and observations to both the client and the main contractor.

We can provide full design and management services or limited services depending on the needs of the client, and can also assist with construction works and technical design services. Read more about our full range of services we provide. 

As the architect, contract administrator and client representative, we will oversee the construction phase of your project and manage the contract between you and the builder. This includes conducting regular site inspections, handling any questions or concerns that arise, ordering any additional work that is needed, monitoring the progress of the project, tracking costs, evaluating the value of the work, and verifying payment to the builder.

After being appointed, Muse Architects would be responsible for overseeing the construction process and ensuring that it is being carried out in accordance with the approved plans and contract agreement. This includes conducting regular inspections, handling queries and requests for additional work, monitoring progress on site, tracking costs, and issuing payments to the builder as necessary.

Muse Architects will review the construction process on a regular basis, including visiting the site and reviewing progress reports. They will also review any requests for changes or additional work to ensure that they are in line with the approved plans and contract agreement.

The builder is responsible for carrying out the work specified in the contract agreement, including construction according to the approved plans and following all necessary safety and building codes. They are also responsible for managing their own subcontractors and ensuring that the work is completed on time and within budget.

Muse Architects will review any queries or requests for additional work and determine if they are necessary and in line with the approved plans and contract agreement. If they are, Muse Architects will instruct the builder to proceed with the work and ensure that it is properly documented and included in the overall budget and timeline for the project.

Muse Architects will review the budget for the project on a regular basis and compare it to the actual costs being incurred. They will also review any requests for additional work or changes to the scope of the project to ensure that they are properly accounted for in the budget.

Muse Architects is responsible for administering the contract with the builder, which includes valuing the work completed and certifying payments due to the builder. This is typically done through regular inspections of the construction site, monitoring progress, and addressing any queries or additional work requirements. The architect's role in issuing payments helps to ensure that the project stays on track and is completed within budget.

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What we care about the most:

As an RIBA Chartered Practice, we are passionate about good design and providing solutions that are underpinned by a clear design philosophy and add value to projects. This is vital in the construction stage, where we help you and your contractor navigate the design being carried out on site. 

We are committed to environmentally and energy-efficient design and construction, prioritising the use of natural, thermally efficient materials and construction methods to limit or eliminate waste. We have experience in integrating energy-saving technologies and renewable energy sources into our projects and can implement these on site during construction.

With years of experience in the field, we are dedicated to providing the best value to our clients and prioritize budget, programme, and quality control during the construction process. We offer our services in multiple locations in the UK, including Manchester and the North West. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist with your project management needs.

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