Flat Conversions

Our Guide on House to Flats Conversions

It is important that property owners make best use of their buildings and that alterations and conversions are carried out to a high standard. In recent times, people are beginning to go more into building houses and leasing them out. The housing sector has noticed a significant increase in the number of investors over the years. This is a result of the wealth and consistent income-generating potential of the housing sector. Now, the housing sector has become one of the nation\’s most leading sectors. However, having more space for rent is a limiting factor around the UK. This is where flat conversions come in. I will be listing to you the importance and decision of choosing a flat conversion.

Importance of Flat Conversions

As a landlord or landowner, it is possible and somewhat necessary to convert your buildings into multiple flats, thereby significantly increasing your wealth level. There is the recent popularity of rental markets. This is a result of the high employment rate in the nation. Hence, the rise in demand for flats.Landlords or landowners tend to be frustrated by the daunting process of converting their buildings into flats.As professional architects and planning consultants, we have hands-on experience in flat conversion. We will guide you through our expertise and experience in designing your housing and converting it into multiple flats. The number of flats it can be converted solely depend on the land size.Being able to properly maximize your asset (house/land) might be a very daunting and discouraging task if you are not an experienced property developer and investor.As experienced in property development and investment, I would ensure that you properly maximize your asset and convert it to multiple flats as the case may be and evaluate your land\’s development potential. I would advise you on the timescale and budget considerations.

Securing Your Flat Conversions

We have designed through our flat conversion expertise several intelligent design templates from which you can choose from. We have developed various strategies to subdivide your house into different types of flats, thereby achieving maximum use of your asset.Due to our wealth of experience in flat conversion and property development, we know what planning officers need to approve a flat conversion application. We are available to guide you through each phase of the daunting process of obtaining planning permission from the local authorities.

Designing The Layout Of Your Ideal Flat Conversion

I understand the cumbersome process of flat conversion and are on standby to walk you through it. In guiding you through the process, I recommend the most beneficial and wise use of space to create the maximum number of flats on your land. This, in return, would guarantee the best possible financial outcomes.As experts in architecture and planning, our design templates are created to produce conducive and attractive flats to attract high-paying ideal future tenants or buyers. As a professional, we have you in mind when formulating and taking decisions. This is to ensure that the flat conversion and development plan is a successful one.Once we have obtained planning permission from your local authorities, we move swiftly into the subsequent phases. The subsequent phases include Technical Design and Building/Land regulation phase. This accompanied immediately by constant monitoring of the construction projects by our site engineers and also contracted administration.


My swift action of moving from one phase to another aims to convert your design concept into reality. Working with us are experienced civil engineers, surveyors, estate managers and builders with a proven track record of expertise. This has enabled us to develop proven steps and a construction inspection approach targeted at curbing complication that might arise in the course of your project underway.With us, you have a feeling of peace and certainty that your flat conversions will be transformed into a beautiful reality concerning your budget. We are very professional yet friendly and are willing to help with any problem you might face while converting your buildings/lands into multiple flats now or in the future.

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