Guide to Granny Annexe

Beginner’s Guide to Granny Annexe

Granny Annexe is a general term for many unique housing arrangements that enable an elderly relation to live in your house with maximum freedom and independence. The type of Granny Annexed that is usually used is annexed to a house with a private kitchen and bathroom.

Types of Granny Annexe

Below are the types of Granny Annexe that are widely known and commonly used.

Traditional Granny Annexe

A traditional Granny Annexe involves a part of a residential building being separated from the rest. This separated part of the house is a self-contained apartment that includes a kitchen and a bathroom. The secluded part of the house may have its entrance or share that of the main house.

Granny Flats

Another type of granny Annexe is a granny flat. It is very common in large cities and involves the down floor of a house converted into a self-contained flat. Granny flats are quite different from the traditional Granny Annexe because they don’t require an extra building to be connected to the house.

Ancillary Buildings

This type of granny annexe can be built by you or pre-built. The concept is that you build a permanent or temporary movable house in your garden. The ancillary building should be attached to the utilities such as the main house\’s electricity and water supply. There are also other wonderful examples of detached buildings being converted to accommodate an old person.

Advantages of a Granny Annexe

This living arrangement across generations has proven to provide many benefits for all the parties involved. Below are three major reasons why we think a granny annexed is the best thing for your old relative.

1. Gives you more time with your loved one

Creating time to see or take care of an elderly parent or relative can be quite challenging, especially with busy lives. By moving them somewhere close to you, spending time with them becomes easier; it doesn’t matter if you invite them over for dinner or discuss with them in the garden.

2. It Saves Costs

If your elderly parent or relative has savings that are more than £23,250, he or she won’t be eligible for council support paying for care. Here, you just have to be creative by getting a granny annexed. If there\’s an old house, money made from the sale can be used to fund care costs. You and your family can also take turns caring for that elderly parent or relative, which will reduce your dependency on expert carers.

3. Greater independence and freedom than care homes

A Granny annexe gives you much control over the living arrangement of your elderly parent or relative. This further gives you enough freedom to make the home comfortable for him or her. It also gives your elderly one a sense of independence, something a care home can’t provide.

How to Build a Granny Annexe

There are three primary means by which you can build a Granny Annexed for your loved one who is elderly.

1. Use existing rooms

If your house is quite big and you can convert 2 to 3 extra rooms into a granny annex without making changes to the building, then this option is for you. The advantages of this decision are that you can build a granny annexe without applying for planning permission. In conclusion, this method of building a Granny annexe won’t cause your home to change much.

2. Attach an extension to your house

Extending the original size of your house is another cheap way to create more space. If you connect the extension to the old building using a connector, it will the Granny Annexe feel more secluded.

3. Build a detached annexe

If you are searching for additional space between you and loved ones who are elderly, a detached annexe is your best bet. However, you must think about the number of bedrooms you will require. If you employ a live-in caregiver for your elderly one, he or she will require a bedroom to stay in.

Steps to Follow Before Building a Granny Annexe

  • Contact an architect
  • Discuss your ideas and needs with an architect
  • Draw up plans
  • Apply for planning permission
  • Wait for the decision
  • Start building

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