Beginner’s Guide to Eco-Architecture

Eco-architecture refers to the efficient ways in which buildings and their construction sites utilize water, energy and other materials while reducing their effect on the environment and the individual’s health. However, eco-architecture doesn’t only involve buildings themselves, but their planning, environment, and land utilization. The way our environment is developing has affected the natural things around us.

To build, design, construct and maintain the most important buildings that we use in society, many of our natural resources have to pay the price. Below are the impacts of eco-architecture in the domestic area and commercial buildings.

Impact of Eco-Architecture in Commercial Buildings

  • Improves the value of assets and profits.
  • Increases the productivity level of occupants.
  • Ensures growth and development in economic performance.
  • Cause a reduction in the costs of operations.
  • Impact of Eco-Architecture in Domestic Context
  • Protect and increases the ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Cause reduction in waste streams.
  • Preserve and re-establish natural resources.
  • Increases the quality of air and water.
  • Improves the wellbeing and comfort of individuals in society.
  • Reduces the load placed on local resources.
  • Increases the quality of living for all individuals in the environment.
  • Increases the quality of air in circulation within buildings

Importance of Eco-Architecture

Below are the overall benefits of eco-architecture to both nature and mankind.

It Saves Costs

Planning a building based on eco-architecture can be more expensive than the usual traditional building methods since it will follow the latest building techniques. However, an eco-architecture building can prove to be a cost-effective option for you. That is because the efficient energy plan that comes with eco-architecture can enable you to save money on electricity. It can also save the owner one-fifth of total operational and maintenance costs. When you calculate the total costs and eco-architecture building will save you, you will see that the amount spent while building it is worth it.

Regulates Temperature

The heat is constantly on the increase annually; by having an eco-architecture building, the environment’s temperature can be regulated. This is because buildings that have green roofs have a tendency to remain cooler than regular buildings. You can see that this is a great benefit for the people who live in these buildings. Buildings with eco-architecture also add moisture to the soil, which can be useful if the environment is hot and dry, which is also another important advantage to the occupants.

Energy Efficient

Since buildings with eco-architecture are powered by sustainable energy sources like sunlight, water and wind, they are more energy-efficient than regular buildings. Besides this, it also helps increase the quality of air in circulation within the building and environment.

Improves Health and Wellbeing

People who live in eco architecture buildings enjoy the health benefits it has to offer. That is because it reduces pollution in the environment due to its eco-friendly characteristics and sustainability. Also, eco-architecture is believed to positively impact the mental health of its occupants.

Eco-Architecture Ideas

Below are some innovative eco-architecture ideas that you can adopt.

Use a heating ventilation air conditioning instead of a heating system and AC. This is to manage energy, save you electricity costs and also regulate the temperature in the building. Examples of heating ventilation air conditioning include smart thermostats, mini-split units and zones.

Use Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to reuse the energy in the building. For example, the energy recovery ventilator can reuse the exhaust ducts or fans heat to cool the air in the building.

Use LED lighting in your building to save the cost of electricity and use less energy. Buying an LED bulb may seem very expensive at first; however, as time goes on, you will find out that its benefits outweigh the initial purchase cost.


Eco-architecture is an innovative technology that has since redefined architecture when it comes to constructing buildings that will positively impact the occupants and have little or no effect on the environment. The benefits of eco-architecture cannot be emphasized as mankind and nature are thankful for this wonderful innovation.

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