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Architect Costs: How much is the cost an architect

What you need to know about Architect Costs

An architect’s work is to assist you in visualizing your project from the beginning. The homeowner or contractor cannot notice some angles- the architect sees those angles. Many homeowners or clients feel in the dark with no knowledge of how much it cost to hire an architect. Due to the economy or statute, their fee might vary.

The article is written to demystify the world of Architects fees.

The three main ways Architects use for evaluating their fees are;

  • Percentage basis
  • Lump-sum agreement
  • Time charge basis

1. Percentage Fees

The construction cost determines the percentage of the fees. This method is commonly used in large projects. The project\’s budget must be understood and agreed upon by both the client and the architect before the cost can be determined. Another factor that determined the cost is the procurement route.

2. Lump-Sum Agreement

This method is mostly used on projects that the scope of work can easily be defined. An important issue that needs to be defined is what work is to be done, tasks involved, and outputs. This will be completely charged in addition to the agreed scope of work in case of any additional work or revisions. This method is very effective for smaller projects or home extensions.

3. Time Charge Basis

Most architects commonly don’t agree on this time charge method. However, this is the most effective method because it shows you exactly what you\’re paying for and will motivate the architect to work faster. Time charges are often used for revision charges, particularly when the new designs take time to be defined; then time charges might apply until decisions are made. Time charges are also used for consultancy during the design phase, an ad-hoc, or requesting extra meetings on site. This payment method often gets the project work done on time, and every new design will be well-scrutinized base on time.

Below is a guide based on architect averages that vary in different projects depending on their complexities; clients’ charges would range between 5.5 to 15% depending on the complexity of the project and agreed/estimated project budget. This can either be agreed as a lump sum or base of percentage charges and other charges you could be expecting, such as IRO:

The below fee catalogues are taken from an independent annual fee survey, demonstrating average fees across the country. These fees might be affected by market fluctuation and regional variation. This list of fees below is used for example and illustrative purposes only.

Private Client Extensions

Below are average fees for private client extension that’s for full project services;

  • For projects of about 50 thousand pounds, they charge between 12 to 15%.
  • For projects around 100k pounds, the charge is 10 to 13%
  • For projects around 250k pounds, the charge is between 8 to 11%
  • And for projects over 500k pounds, the charge goes for 7 to 9%

For a private client with a new house, the fee for a complete project;

  • For projects over 300k and about, the charge is 8.5 to 10%
  • For projects over 500k pounds and about the charge is 7.5 to 9%
  • For projects over 750k and about the charge is 6.5 to 8%
  • And finally, for projects 1m pounds and over the charge is 5.5 to 7%

Architect Costs | Property Developer Projects

Fees for a developer housing new build for full services;

  • For projects over 2m pounds, the charge is 4 to 5%
  • For projects, 4m pounds and over the charge is 3 to 4%
  • For projects, 8m pounds and over the charge is 2 to 3%
  • For projects 15m and over, the charge is 1.5 to 2.5%

Fees for apartment housing a new building;

  • For projects, 2m pounds and over the charge is 5 to 6%
  • For projects 4m pounds and over the charge us 4.8 to 5.8%
  • For projects 8m pounds and over the charge is 4.5 to 5.5%
  • For projects, 15m pounds and over the charge is 4.2 to 5.2%

Experienced architects will generally breakdown their fees and define each one to assist with business cash flow. Before hiring an architect, the first thing required for a homeowner to provide a free quotation is to ask certain questions, and the answers should be bare.Such questions include;

  • Do you have any special experience with listed buildings, or do you have your technique?
  • Have you any samples of past work? Do you have a unique signature?
  • Do you get along with your clients?

This inquiry (cost to hire an architect) is important because it helps you understand whom you are working with.

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