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7 Questions to Ask Architects Before Starting A Project

Extending your home design, building, and making changes is exciting but can get the heart racing, especially for homeowners with little or no experience undertaking such projects. The stakes on such projects are high, and the result will likely have an impact on the well-being of your family.Hiring an architect for your home extension can cost up to 15 per cent, but notwithstanding, an architect is meant to assist, especially when you’re feeling demoralized to make your architectural dreams come through. They help make designs, request planning permission, acquire a reliable builder, monitor progress, and maintain quality right throughout the project.After employing the help of an architect, anything concerning the project will be due to your conversion between the two of you. And you need to make those conversations count to get you a perfect project. Some important question to ask your architect before commencing the project;

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Architect

1. Do You Have References?

This one is suggested by the American Institute of Architect and many other architects. Hiring an architect who has beautiful designs is not enough, but knowing about their past clients and contractors that your prospective architect has worked with. Follow up the provided reference and ask how that architect conducts professional relationships, the level of communication, and whether the architect keeps up to budget or not. Being informed about your architect will spare you some headache caused by an unreliable architect.

2. What’s Your Fee Structure, And What Can I Expect in Costs?

Cost limitations are crucial in getting quality work. Like other service providers, architects have different fee structures and different methods of charging for designs. Be open about the cost you are ready to incur on the project and make sure you know the charges before embarking on the project and always work with a firm with flexible charges. Make sure you ask for extra charges in case of a newly added construction or design amendment to the project to avoid unexpected costs at a later time. Also, remember to ask how frequently your project can come in or under budget.

3. How Long Will the Processes Take?

Be sure to inform your architect of the kind of client you intend to be and the time commitment you intend for the project because your architect might be dealing with more clients other than you who might be involved in the nitty-gritty decisions. While you are happy to have a new home, also understand the timetable involved in your project. Your architect might also assist with reducing the time required to complete your projects by involving construction methods that decrease labour needs. Knowing up-front the time needed for your project can reduce stress while preparing you for the time commitment.

4. What Are the Challenges of My Building Project?

Having the big picture of your building project is extremely critical. Especially when your drawings have unusual building shapes, numerous complex pitches, special building installation, green building materials, and the zoning limitation or in your neighbourhood. Your architect might be aware of your construction, design challenges, and city approval that you may need insight into. Your architect might also provide other alternatives options if she/he foresees any specific challenges that might slow or cost increase in budget.

5. Who’s on My Team?

Since many people will be involved in your project, questions like ‘Which architect will you be communicating with frequently? Who will you be working with on your project?; and who will be designing your project? These are some preferable questions that you’ll need to figure out with the firm before starting your project. Ask for a formal introduction to your team, thereby establishing a solid rapport with them. Additionally, you can ask if your architect has any personal relationship with a materials provider who can assist with the project’s advice. Knowing who to meet on concerns and contributions will make your project run more smoothly.

6. Are You Insured?

You might want to know if your architect firm is insured because your architect’s solvency is crucial to your project. You don’t want to work with an architect firm that is or has involved in legal challenges. Ask for verification on the firm’s insurance level, if any previous client has claims against the firm and the type of legal claims.

7. What’s Your Role with The Contractor?

You may have a contractor in mind; if not, your architect is in a better position of recommending a contractor for the work. You may want to ask about the contractor’s track records and what role the architect will be taking with the contractor. The architect can often assist with objective feedback on the contractor.

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