Designing your home office

5 Steps to Designing Your New Home Office

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of people working from home in the world today. Working from home can be advantageous to most people, allowing them to balance their work-life with some other influential life activities. A recent survey carried out shows that an estimated 13-27 million people work from home.

According to the survey, it was predicted that if there continues to be an increase in the number of remote workers, commuting will reduce by 70-140 billion. Due to the numerous activities at home, creating a workspace helps you to organize yourself well. This can be very tasking for a beginner who wants to make an office in his/her home. In this guide, five proven steps for perfectly designing your office home and giving it a professional look.


Tip 1. Determine Your Location

In everything we do, geography and location play a crucial role. Even while designing your home office, making the location of where befitting and professional your home office should help.

Location is key while selecting your home office position. Depending on your choice for position and multi-tasking ability, anywhere in your home could be converted into an office. The key to choosing a fixed location in your home to execute office work is dependent on three things; nature of the job, nature of the house, nature of the environments.

Tip 2. Create Enough Space for Your Self and Your Visitors

When designing your home or office, one important thing to note is space. A spacious room well designed would create a great comfort level for you and anyone who might be coming visiting for official purposes.

Choosing a spacious position helps you to carefully and properly arrange and keep things (work files, chairs, tables, shelves) in order. One of the dangers of choosing a non-spacious room is that you will be distracted and lose out on important things that need to be done urgently. When you are above to choose your home office, always consider if it is spacious enough to allow you to work comfortably.

Tip 3. Create A List of Things You Need in Your Home Office

Creating your home office can be overwhelming. Asides from creating enough space for yourself and your visitors, it is essential for you to also make a list of the items and equipment you\’ll need for work. This method does not help you know what you need and help you avoid filling your home office with unnecessary materials.

Important things that furniture (chairs, tables, bookshelves, work desk) and gadgets such as (laptop/desktop computer, wireless router, fan/air conditioner, coffee machine) are things that must make the top of the list. So, make sure to create a list of all you need for work; it surely helps!

Tip 4. Brighten Up Your Home Office

In your new home office, including bright lights, it helps give your home office a cool look. Lightning helps to prevent you from straining your eyes while working. A flash of lightning helps you find your way around easily, either during the day or the night. A small desk lamp is also highly recommended for lightning as it helps you work easily during the night.

Tip 5. Tame Your Technology

If you are a technology freak while designing your office home, you\’ll have to keep it to the minimum. Making your office home full of wires makes it a turn-off for anyone visiting. As a person, you are also are risk of experiencing electric shocks or sparks.

You can minimize the effect of these by going for wireless devices. Only gadgets of utmost importance should be placed in your new home office.


Designing your home office is not as hard as you think. You don’t require being an architect or interior designer to perfectly and comfortably design your new home office. Applying the simple tips above can give your home office the professional yet friendly look you want.

At the same time, in designing is important to mention that colour plays an important role. Design your home office walls with colours you feel comfortable with. Whenever you feel you are missing out on something while designing your home office, read this article again.